Leveling the Build Plate

In order for your prints to come out right, you'll need to level your build plate. A build plate that is not level will cause your prints to fail. So, let's level the build plate before we get started. This is NOT something you need to do before every print job. Normally I do it when I notice that prints are starting to fail. I also check it every week or so. I use the automatic method an it works great for me. You can also level the build plate manually using a piece of paper. (video(s) below) Also check here.

On the Flashforge Finder, select "Tools" then "Level". Next follow the easy on-screen prompts to level your build plate.

At this point, the printer will tell you either the gap is too big or too small. Tighten or loosen the knobs as indicated. This process may take a few tries before you get it. Be sure to turn the knob very little until you get to where it needs to be. Large turns will get you nowhere. Then....

This video will also illustrate how to level the build plate.

You can also manually level the build plate....check out this video to learn how. (You can use paper instead of a feeler guide)