Printing via Wifi

Now that the Flashforge Finder 2 can print using normal Wifi, you can send your jobs to the printer without leaving your computer. Here's how....

Using FlashPrint, find the "Print" menu on the top of the screen and select "Connect Machine". Be sure that the Machine type has been selected for the Flashforge Finder. I'll assume you've done this previously.

Now enter the IP address of the printer you wish to connect to. (This is why it is a good idea to use a static (reserved) IP address for your printer if you can. Contact your tech folks to set that up)

Once you've connected, you'll see this message in the lower right corner of the FlashPrint screen.

If you have multiple Flashforge Finder printers. You can use this process to connect again to another printer. Simply enter the IP address of THAT printer when you do.