Setting up a webcam!

Ok, I admit, I discovered this by accident just the other day...but WOW! What a discovery! Did you know that if you have a Flashforge Finder, (may work on others as well) that is set up to use Polar Cloud, that you can use a webcam to watch the progress of your prints? Believe it or not, it's as simple as upgrading to the very latest firmware (Tools > Settings > Update). Then you'll need a USB webcam (I'm using my iZiggi HD document camera)...a cheap 720p webcam should work just fine. Believe it or not, just plug it into the USB port of the printer! Then power cycle the printer and VOILA! You should now see the camera in your Polar Cloud account!

The view of Polar Cloud and a webcam on a smartphone

How I mounted an iZiggi HD document camera to my Finders