Printing with Polar Cloud

With the later versions of firmware on the Flashforge Finder 2, you can now print from the cloud! Using Polar Cloud, you don't even have to be at school to send a job to the printer. Here's a basic overview on how to print using Polar Cloud 3D.

First, you'll need to set your printers up to use Polar Cloud. I have posted some instructions for the Flashforge Finder HERE. Next go to the Polar Cloud website to get started.

This is the main screen. From here click "Make" to see your printers. (You'll need to be logged in)

In this example, I have 2 printers that are available. These are my two Flashforge Finder 2's that are in my own classroom.

Click on a printer to get started. From here you can click "Build Plate" or "Dashboard"

Now you can load your print jobs that you've downloaded to your computer.

Once you've loaded something you can play with the settings to get your desired result and send it to the printer.

If you have multiple printers, you can select your printer in the upper left corner using the dropdown printer list.