Clearing a JAM

The "printer issue" that you're most likely to run into is a filament jam. This means the filament is clogging the tube that leads from the extruder motor down into the extrusion tube before it comes out of the nozzle. This often happens if the filament breaks while changing it or it can also happen when the printer has been sitting for a while. No worries. I'm here to show you how easy it is to take your print head apart and clear the jam. Chances are your printer already came with all the tools you need. (The Flashforge Finder does) Check out the videos below for details...

Don't be intimidated. In this video I show you how it can all be done easily in about 4 minutes.

A closer look

First, you'll need to remove the motor by unscrewing 2 hex bolts. They're hard to see, but easy to find if you simply stick the hex wrench in there. Once you lift the motor out you'll probably see the problem. Be sure to turn on the "Preheat" on the printer to soften up the filament so it'll slide out.

Use the needle-nose pliers to grab the filament and pull it out. If you cannot pull it all out, the next step (shown below) is to push it out with a small hex wrench or the tool shown that came with your Flashforge Finder. You can also use an Electric Guitar "E" string.